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Dr. Paulina Zettel, ND

Perinatal/Postpartum Health

Dr. Paulina Zettel

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Doula, Bowen Therapy Practitioner

I am a naturopathic doctor and birth doula with over 15 years experience in private practice. My passion is for perinatal and infant health, and I work with women, parents of all genders, and families seeking alternatives to conventional health care. My patients are expecting, aspiring and current parents, and their children, who want to better understand their health and make lasting changes. If this sounds like you, I’d love to begin our work together!

My goal is to treat the root cause of your concerns, and empower you to make informed decisions about your health. My treatment approach is tailored to your needs, and involves evidence-based treatments such as lifestyle, nutrition, diagnostics, homeopathy, supplements, bowen therapy, prenatal education, bioidentical hormone therapy and B12 shots.

Health care systems can be overwhelming, so I always encourage my patients to ask questions, discuss alternative options, and play a leading role in their own wellness. Most of all, I love building lasting relationships with my patients who continue accessing naturopathic care for many years to come, and who have fun in the process!

I graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and am registered with the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Ontario. Outside of work, I enjoy backcountry camping with my husband and 3 kids, playing competitive ultimate frisbee and volunteering as a sports trainer with Guelph Ringette Association.

Pre and Post Natal Health

There are so many things to think about when you’re becoming a parent, and I am here to help you through the process. From fertility and birthing plans to natural labour induction and post-natal health, my experience as a naturopathic doctor, birth doula, and prenatal education instructor will help you have the birth and parenting experience that’s right for you.  My goal is to empower my patients to have positive pregnancy and birth experiences, especially for people with a history of sexual or birth trauma.

Using education and gentle tools such as acupuncture, homeopathics and botanicals, I am here to support you through all stages of pregnancy and childbirth. After your baby is born, I can help you return to optimal wellness by addressing the unique changes to your physical, hormonal and mental health.

Together, we can make your journey from fertility to parenthood exceed your expectations. If you are interested in naturopathic labour support, please contact our office to check my availability for doula services.

Perinatal Thyroid Health

Thyroid health is incredibly important before, during and after pregnancy, and can even be a factor in infertility, postpartum depression, PMS, endometriosis, and more. Many people experience an array of unexplained, seemingly chronic symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, constipation and brain fog. These symptoms are often overlooked or misdiagnosed in conventional medicine, so patients end up frustrated and fatigued with little relief.

I offer a different approach that begins with in-depth thyroid and hormone testing, stool analysis, and food sensitivity testing in order to properly diagnose your specific issue. From there, I develop an individualized treatment plan to get you back to enjoying your life. If appropriate, I am licensed to prescribe desiccated thyroid medication.

Prenatal Education Classes

As a birth doula and prenatal education instructor I help couples and single parents prepare physically and emotionally for their birth experience through prenatal education classes. Evidence Based Birth® is a 6-week childbirth class that informs, empowers and inspires expecting parents and birth-care practitioners globally, to understand the latest, proven, evidence based care practices. 

While you are welcome to start at any time, I recommend starting between 20-30 weeks of pregnancy. The cost is $400 total (split over 6 weeks), which includes supplementary materials such as books, handouts, video and audio tracks. Classes are billed as Naturopathic Education, which may be covered by private insurance. Contact our office or visit our online booking page for upcoming start dates.

Children’s Health

Naturopathic care is a great way to support your child’s natural healing abilities with gentle treatments like nutrition, supplements, botanicals and bowen – a gentle hands-on therapy for physical and energetic nervous system healing. My approach to children’s health focuses on illness prevention and optimizing wellness. Naturopathic well child visits are an opportunity to assess your child’s growth at each stage of development, addressing common conditions such as infections, mental health and digestion. If appropriate, I may suggest food sensitivity testing, stool tests, or other diagnostics.

As a mother to three children, I know how scary it is when your child gets sick. That’s why I encourage you to call me with any concerns about your child’s well-being. I look forward to supporting your family’s needs from infancy through to adulthood.

Birth Pool Rental

Using water for labour or birth is a gentle and relaxing way to bring your new baby into the world. Water reduces labour pain, is easy to move positions in, and actually increases oxytocin production, making you and your baby more relaxed.

Renting a La Bassine Birth Pool by Made in Water is an excellent option for anyone considering home birth. The pool comes with everything you need including a disposable liner, 25’ drinking water hose, faucet adaptor, floating thermometer, submersible water pump and electric air pump. 

Rentals are available for $200 + HST, and are rented for 4 weeks at a time to ensure you have peace of mind leading up to your due date. For more information and to check availability, please contact our office.


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