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Dr. Alex Verge, ND

Healthy Aging
Cardiovascular Health
Menopause and Perimenopause

Dr. Alexandra Verge

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Clinic Director

My Core Beliefs…

Aging doesn’t equal dysfunction. Everyday we grow a little bit older and I believe that can be positive! Great things fall into place as we age: It’s been proven that we’re generally more tolerant and less bothered by events, we’re more confident (having a higher sense of self-worth and caring less about what others think), and we’re happier. But these points are rarely at the core of the conversation. The fact that we’re not feeling our best or our bodies aren’t quite working right is no longer considered worth investigating thoroughly. We’re told to just expect and accept changes as we get older. Many of those changes are normal of course, but that doesn’t mean aging is necessarily to blame.

You should be able to have a discussion about your cardiovascular situation and understand why (and how, and to what degree) your high blood pressure or high cholesterol or diabetes influences your health today and tomorrow. I can walk you through your unique situation so you can gain a better understanding of what it means to your overall health.

We often start to recognize the value of feeling well and strong as these things start to shift. For many, this awareness hits home during the (peri)menopausal transition and many patients book their first visits at this time. I value the opportunity to help support you through that transitional time as well as provide a roadmap for great health in your post-menopause years as well. One of the things I do most commonly is discuss if menopause hormone therapy (MHT) is right for you; we take the time required to talk pros, cons, risks, and benefits of estrogen and progesterone therapy.

Let's Figure It Out Together:

I believe that getting older doesn’t automatically entail a cascade of prescription medications, although they can be appropriate tools. There are so many often-disregarded factors that can contribute to such things as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritic pain, fatigue, memory changes, and indigestion. Let’s explore these factors together and find the right fit for you.

The Technical Version:

Dr. Alexandra Verge is a naturopathic doctor living and working in downtown Guelph. She contemplated becoming a veterinarian or a dietician before realizing that naturopathic medicine was a perfect fit that combined her interest in health and nutrition. She graduated with distinction from both the University of Guelph (with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences) and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She’s registered to practice in Ontario and is a proud member of both her provincial and federal associations.

Alex launched her solo practice, Verge Naturopathic Clinic, over 20 years ago. The clinic has since grown into the Kura Clinic you see today. Through thousands of visits over that time, Alex has supported people from all walks of life on their journey to better health. In particular, she has zeroed in on issues commonly experienced as we age: arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, generational stresses and, in particular, cardiovascular disease. She especially loves helping people better understand how high blood pressure and high cholesterol affect their current and future cardiovascular risk while developing manageable yet effective strategies to mitigate these same factors.

In recent years, Alex has translated her years of experience into education, speaking to her naturopathic peers at conferences and continuing education platforms about integrative cardiovascular care.