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About Us

Welcome to Kura!

Our clinic consists of two naturopathic doctors (NDs) and a wonderful support staff.

Between all our practitioners, we offer support for all ages, including new babes, children, teens, pregnant people and adults of all ages.

At Kura, we support both people looking to optimize their already good health as well as those looking for answers and solutions. Our experienced practitioners can approach your healthcare from a whole new perspective and help direct you towards well-being through education and treatment strategies geared to your unique situation.

Kura is the latin word for healing treatment, as well as care, concern or attention, all definitions we keep in mind as we support our patients in reaching their optimal health.

Our naturopathic doctors


Dr. Stef Cordes, ND (she/her)

Mental Health


Dr. Alex Verge, ND (she/her)

Healthy Aging
Cardiovascular Health

Our support staff


Shaz Bisset (she/her)


Located in downtown Guelph, Kura Clinic operates out of the first floor of the old yellow brick building located at 15 Yarmouth Street. Originally built in 1875 for Dr. E.W. McGuire, the property has housed a variety of medically-related businesses, including the Canadian Red Cross. Following extensive renovations, we made it our permanent home in 2013.