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Integrative Medicine in Downtown Guelph

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We believe you should have the information you need to understand your situation and the tools to create your personal roadmap to better health.

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Our naturopathic doctors are here to support you


Dr. Stef Cordes, ND

Mental Health


Dr. Alex Verge, ND

Healthy Aging
Cardiovascular Health


Dr. Paulina Zettel, ND

Perinatal/Postpartum Health

As general practitioners, they can also address a variety of other conditions.

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Our commitment to you

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Kura Clinic in Guelph is situated on Attawandaron/Attawandaronk/Chonnonton ancestral land and the territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit. This has been and is currently the home to many First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people and we offer our respect as we strive to strengthen our relationships with the original habitants of this land. We at Kura recognize the means by which this land was settled is unjust and that it continues to cause harm. We understand that we must do more to learn, share, and support truth and healing. We are open to hear any criticism or suggestions on how to foster positive relationships.